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Welcome to Friends of the Article V Convention (FOAVC)

The purpose of the FOAVC website is to provide factual information about an Article V Convention based on the public record. We are non partisan meaning we favor no particular amendment proposal. We provide factual, referenced information because everyone else does not tell you the truth about an Article V Convention. By "truth" we mean the real facts about a convention based on the public record. This record includes rulings of the Supreme Court, public law, and historic records of the 1787 Convention. You will not read about the facts we provide on any other site or in the mass media because they don't want you to know the truth.

We have two website portals. If you are just hearing about a convention for the first time, only desire basic information (without the clutter of a lot of details) or only want to spend a few minutes learning about a convention, we suggest using our "Basic" Link which has a one page summary discussing the most important information about a convention. If you need further information please use our Packets Page which gives more detail in short, specific answers.

If you require even more detail we suggest using our "Advanced" Link. Regardless of which portion of our site you examine, we urge you refresh the page when you return as we are constantly updating information on our site.


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